We don't know how to catch a plane.

Funny now, absolutely infuriating at 5am on a Thursday morning. We left the house with quartz precision to catch the plane, and missed a tram by 29 seconds going past the front door. So after a brisk walk to the closest station, we caught the train, got off at Treptower park to catch the S9 to the airport and we were on our way. It was a bit of a nailbiter time-wise, and then some stations started going by that I hadn't seen before... A quick look at the overhead map revealed our train had changed course for some reason, and panic ensued. I will spare the details, but we missed the plan to England by 15 minutes. What happens when you miss an Easyjet flight? Well, you have to buy another ticket, and you can't get a refund. The problem was, even with a new flight, our plans were dashed due to the chain of events that needed to happen, in order for us to be at the boatyard in time to get the keys and open Constellation up before closing time. So, it was thinking time - Do we go, pay for the additional plane and bus tickets, as well as miss the boatyard? After much thought and talking to the Easyjet 'helpdesk', we decided to forgoe the entire journey. As it turns out, we could get a refund on the taxes incurred on the flights, which meant around 45% of the total cost... Sincere apologies to Tudor who we had intended to meet at the Duke of York.

So, no diesel repairs, no stanchion hunting, and no cup'o'soups with hot water boiled from tea candles. What a disaster.

I will try and make it down there once I've recouped some funds from somewhere, hopefully at the end of the month, or in May. Special thanks to Gerard for sending through some much needed funds!